Mass. School Building Authority

90% Construction Documents, submitted to the MSBA on August 27, 2020

60% Construction Documents, submitted to the MSBA on May 14, 2020

Detailed Design, submitted to the MSBA on January 23, 2020

Schematic Design, approved by MSBA on April 10, 2019
AHS digital art class

MSBA Schematic Design Board Action Letter, August 2018

Preferred Schematic Report (PSR), submitted to MSBA July 11, 2018

Preliminary Design Program (PDP), submitted to MSBA April 25, 2018

MSBA Owner’s Project Manager Approval Letter, July 2017

MSBA Module One Deliverables for Arlington High School, February 2017

MSBA Follow up Enrollment Letter, January 2017

MSBA Enrollment Letter, November 2016

MSBA Initial Compliance Certification, July 2016

MSBA Eligibility Period Board Action Letter, May 2016

MSBA Deliverables Timeline for Arlington High School, May 2016

Statement of Interest (SOI), April 2015