Schematic Design

Arlington submitted the Schematic Design to the Mass. School Building Authority (MSBA) in February 2019 and it was approved by the MSBA on April 10, 2019.

The Schematic Design is provided in three volumes due to large file size.  Some documents have security-related information redacted. Note: for convenience, some segments are provided as individual files.

Volume I of IV (includes the following components)

4.1.1 DESE Submittal

Cover Letter

Special Education Delivery Methodology

Educational Space Summary

Educational Space Summary Narrative

Floor Plans

Adjacency Table

Volume II of IV (includes the following components)


4.1.2 Schematic Design Binder Introduction (includes sections through Final Design Program Traffic Analysis Environmental and Existing Building Assessment Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Analysis Code Analysis Utility Analysis Massing Study Building Systems Narratives Sustainable Building Design Guidelines Documents ADA Analysis Room Data Sheets Proposed Construction Methodology District’s Anticipated Reimbursement Rate Total Project Budget Designer’s Construction Cost Estimate OPM’s Construction Cost Estimate Updated Project Work Plan Local Actions and Approvals


A. Total Project Budget Worksheet and Budget Statement

B. MSBA Board Visual Aids

C. MSBA PSR Review and District Response

D. Updated Educational Space Summary

E. Traffic Impact Analysis

F. Updated Hazardous Materials Identification Study

Volume III of IV (includes the following components)

Appendices Continued

G. Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Analysis

H. Wetlands Buffer Zone Diagrams

I. Flow Test Results

J. LEED Scorecard and Designers Statement

K. Room Data Sheets

L. Anticipated Reimbursement Rate

M. Designer’s Construction Cost Estimate

Volume IV of IV (includes the following components)

Appendices Continued

N. OPM’s Construction Cost Estimate

O. Updated Project Work Plan

P. Local Actions and Approval Letters

4.1.3 Schematic Design Project Manual (includes the following components)

Part 1

  • Outline Specification

Part 2

  • Schematic Design Structural Narrative
  • Schematic Design Food Service Narrative
  • Fire Protection Systems Narrative
  • Plumbing Systems Narrative Pages: 1-04
  • Preliminary Life-Cycle Cost Estimate (MGL Chapter 149 Section 44M)
  • Preliminary Life-Cycle Cost Estimate (MGL Chapter 149 Section 44M)
  • Electrical Systems Narrative Pages: 1-09
  • Audiovisual and Theatrical Systems Narrative
  • Technology, Communications, AV and Security Systems Narrative
  • Landscape Narrative
  • Civil Narrative


  1. Phasing Diagrams Pages
  2. Utility Co. Accelerate Performance Program Pages
  3. Preliminary SD Energy Model Study Pages
  4. Proprietary Items Pages:
  5. Schematic Design Room Finishes Schedule Pages
  6. Salvage Items Photographs