Building Committee Members

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Learn more about the building committee members in the ‘Meet the Committee‘ Ponderings blog post.

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Jeff Thielman
Arlington High School Building Committee Chair

Dr. Elizabeth Homan
Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools
Arlington High School Building Committee Co-Vice Chair

Adam Chapdelaine
Town Manager
Arlington High School Building Committee Co-Vice Chair

Karen Fitzgerald
Arlington High School Building Committee Recording Secretary

Dr. Kirsi Allison-Ampe
School Committee

Francis Callahan
Community Member

John Cole
Community Member (former Permanent Town Building Committee member)

Tobey Jackson
Community Member

Matthew Janger
Arlington High School Principal

Ryan Katofsky
Community Member

Domenic Lanzillotti
Purchasing Officer for the Town of Arlington

Kate Loosian
Community Member

Bill McCarthy
Arlington High School Assistant Principal

Michael Mason
Arlington Public Schools CFO

Judson Pierce
Community Member

Sandy Pooler
Deputy Town Manager

Amy Speare
Community Member

Facilities Director

AHS Building Committee Subcommittees

Temporary Use-Phasing (current):
Elizabeth Homan (chair), Jim Burrows (Skanska), Lori Cowles (HMFH), Matthew Janger, John LaMarre (Consigli), William McCarthy, and  TBD Facilities Director

Sustainability Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (SMEP) (current):
AHS Building Committee members Ryan Katofsky (chair), Kate Loosian, TBD (Director of Facilities), Kent Werst; HMFH and their Subcontractors; Skanska USA; Town of Arlington representatives Ken Pruitt (Energy Manager), Rachel Oliveri (APS Sustainability Coordinator); AHS Sustainability Club student representatives; Kevin Settlemyre (community member); Accelerate Performance Team (Eversource, National Grid, Seventhwave)

Landscape & Exteriors (current):
Elizabeth Homan (chair), Jim Burrows (Skanska), John Cole, Lori Cowles (HMFH), Matthew Janger, John LaMarre (Consigli), William McCarthy, Amy Speare, Town Manager Appointee (TBD), Public Works Appointee (TBD)

Interiors (current):
Elizabeth Homan (chair), Kirsi Allison-Ampe, Jim Burrows (Skanska), Lori Cowles (HMFH), Matthew Janger, John LaMarre (Consigli), William McCarthy, Facilities Representative (TBD)

Finance (current):
Adam Chapdelaine (chair), Jim Burrows (Skanska), John Cole, Kate Loosian, Michael Mason, Brian Rehrig

Communications (current): 
Amy Speare (chair), Kirsi Allison-Ampe, Jim Burrows (Skanska), Victoria Clifford (Skanska), Julie Dunn, Elizabeth Homan, Tobey Jackson, John LaMarre (Consigli), Joan Roman (Town of Arlington Information Officer)

Construction Manager Selection (not active):
Jim Burrows (Skanska), Dale Caldwell (Skanska), Francis Callahan, Adam Chapdelaine, Victoria Clifford (Skanska), John Cole, Lori Cowles (HMFH), Arthur Duffy (HMFH), Ryan Katofsky, Domenic Lanzillotti, Kate Loosian, Michale Mason, Sandy Pooler

Designer Selection (not active):
Ruthy Bennett, Kathleen Bodie, Adam Chapdelaine, Matthew Janger, Ryan Katofsky, Kate Loosian, Bill McCarthy, Judson Pierce, Brian Rehrig, Daniel Ruiz

Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) Selection (not active):
Ruthy Bennett, Frank Callahan, John Cole, Matthew Janger, Dominic Lanzilotti, Kate Loosian