Welcome to the Arlington High School Building Project

Project Status: 3/13/19

So far, three Town Committees have unanimously endorsed the project: Finance Committee, Capital Planning Committee, Permanent Town Building Committee.  

Next steps:

  • April 10 – MSBA is expected to vote on the Schematic Design and determine their financial contribution to the project.
  • June 11 – Town-wide debt exclusion vote to pay for the project  
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Why we need a new high school
  • Enrollment – school now nearly at capacity and still growing
  • School on accreditation warning due to poor facility
  • Deteriorating building no longer meets educational standards

The new school is designed for 1,755 students. The selected design concept was chosen as the best combination of cost-effectiveness, educational design, and construction timeline.

Mass. Ave. Entrance

With construction beginning as early as July 2020, the first building could open to students in 2022, and the school fully constructed in 2024.

The project is currently at the end of the Schematic Design phase. Arlington is partnering with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to receive state funding for a significant portion of the project.  Assuming the MSBA approves our design and budget in April, the project will require approval from Arlington residents before it can move forward.  A town-wide debt exclusion vote will be held on June 11.

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