Document Archive

This is a repository of miscellaneous documents that have been shared with the AHS Building Committee.  Refer to the Mass. School Building Authority page for official submissions.

Presentations & Drawings

Construction Update: Site work begins soon, February 2020

Construction Site Maps, February 2020

Project Update, February 2020

HMFH Design Update, October 2019

HMFH Design Update, September 2019

Construction Phasing Diagram, September 2019

HMFH Design Update, August 2019

Abutters Meeting Presentation, July 2019

Consigli Overview Presentation (Construction Manager), June 2019

Community Forum – presentation, May 21, 2019

Town Meeting – Report, Presentation,  ACMi replay, April 29, 2019

Presentation to Select Board, April 8, 2019

Open Space Overview, Feb. 2019

HMFH Design Update, Feb. 2019

HMFH Exterior Facade Update, Jan. 2019

Community Forum – Project Update and Costs, Jan. 2019

HMFH Project Update, Jan. 2019

HMFH Design Update, Dec. 2018

Construction Manager at Risk Overview, Dec. 2019

HMFH Exterior Facade Update, Dec. 2018

Schematic Design Update (exterior facade, site plan, and more), Nov. 2018

Community Forum – Project Overview and Update , Nov. 2018

HMFH Design Concept Update (floor plans, exterior concepts), Nov. 2018

HMFH Design Concept Update (historic element reuse, central spine), Nov. 2018

HMFH Initial Exterior Design Concepts, Oct. 2018

HMFH Front Green Update, Oct. 2018

Community Forum – Project, Design, Cost Updates, Sept. 2018

Preferred Design Concept Images, June 2018

Preferred Design Concept Preliminary Construction Phasing, June 2018

AHS Space Summary (updated), June 2018

Updated Design Concepts (HMFH Presentation), June 2018

AHS Preferred Design Alternatives, May 2018

Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives (excerpt from Preliminary Design Program), April 2018

Original 8 Preliminary Design Alternatives, April 2018

Cost & Finances

Tax Impact – Updated, phased, May 2019

MSBA Project Benchmarks (Schematic Design) – updated, May 2019

Tax Impact – Updated, April 2019

MSBA Project Benchmarks (Schematic Design), April 2019

Total Project Budget Details (MSBA 3011 sheet), April 2019

Value Engineering (final vote), Feb. 5, 2019

Value Engineering (straw poll), Jan. 31, 2019

MSBA Project Benchmarks (PSR), Jan. 2019

Tax Impact Update, Jan. 2019

Value Engineering DRAFT, Dec. 2018

AHS Cost Factor Table, Sept. 2018

Preferred Design Concept Cost Summary and Tax Impact, August 2018

AHS Alternatives Cost Comparison Summary and Tax Impact, July 2018

AHS Preliminary Design Option Pricing (from PSR), July 2018

Alternatives Cost Comparison Summary, June 2018

MSBA High School Project Benchmarks, June 2018

Benchmark Cost Estimate Summary, April 2018


AHS Project Dust Monitoring Report, Sept. 2020

Report to Town Meeting, April 2019

LEED Scoresheet (Schematic Design), February 2019

HMFH Parmenter School Cost/Space Analysis, January 2019

Schematic Design Feedback Form Summary, December 2018

Traffic Impact Analysis Report and Appendices, August 2018

Geotechnical Preliminary Foundation Engineering Report, June 2018

June Feedback Form Data Summary, June 2018

Evaluation of Existing Conditions Report, March 2018 (Final, Redacted)

McKibben Forecast for APS Enrollment, August 2016

8 Year Enrollment History and Projected Enrollment 2014 to 2028 – by Grade Levels, February 2014

Arlington High School Analysis of Programmatic Needs, February 2014

On-Site Insight Report on Arlington High School, August 2013

Arlington High School NEASC Letter, June 2013

Arlington High School NEASC Report, December 2012


Project Overview, September 2019

Project Overview, April 2019

School Committee Value Engineering letter to AHS Building Committee, Jan. 2019

School Committee letter to AHS Building Committee, January 2019

A message from the AHS Building Committee Chair:  Moving forward together, September 2018

AHS Building Committee Leadership Editorial: The AHS Project – Progress Made and Decisions Ahead, September 2018

Education-Related Documents

Guiding Principles Evaluation Evaluation Chart and Supporting Diagrams, June 2018

AHS Educational Program (updated), June 2018 (Redacted)

Adjacency Diagram, March 2018

Educational Visioning Report, March 29, 2018 (Redacted)

Environmental & Sustainability

Accelerate Perform Program Targets, Nov. 2018

Preliminary Sustainability Evaluation Matrix, June 2018

Request for Proposals

Request for Designer Services August 2017

Request for Owner’s Project Manager Services April 2017