Detailed Design

Arlington submitted the Detailed Design to the Mass. School Building Authority (MSBA) in January 2020.

The Design Development Submission is provided in 4 volumes due to the large file size.  Some documents have security-related information redacted. 

Volume 1

Cover Letter


1    Introduction

– Summary of Design Development

2    OPM Deliverables

2.1   Submittal Review and Coordination

2.2   Project Schedule

2.3   Scope and Budget

– Cost Estimate Comparison

– Total Project Budget (3011)

– Value Management Log

– Certified Committee Vote for Value Management

Volume 2

3    Designer Deliverable

3.1 General Requirements

3.1.1      Updated Work Plan

3.1.2      Basis of Design Narrative

3.1.2a        Basis of Design – Civil

3.1.2b        Basis of Design – Landscape

3.1.2c        Basis of Design – Geotechnical

3.1.2e        Basis of Design – Architectural

3.1.2f         Basis of Design – Acoustical

3.1.2g        Basis of Design – Furniture & Equipment

3.1.2h        Basis of Design – HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection

3.1.2i         Basis of Design – Lighting

3.1.2j         Basis of Design – Technology and Security

3.1.2k        Basis of Design – Geothermal

3.1.2l         Basis of Design – Solar Photovoltaic

3.1.3      Building Code Analysis

3.1.4      Proprietary Items

3.1.5      Interior Color Theory

3.1.6      Confirmation of Project Registration

Volume 3

3.1 General Requirements CONTINUED

3.1.7      Structural Narrative

3.1.8      Structural Calculations

3.1.9      Energy Calculations

3.1.10    Life Cycle Cost Analysis

3.1.11    Heat Gain and Loss Calculations

3.1.12    Calculations Including Total Electrical Load

3.1.13    Security and Visual Access Requirements

3.1.14    Quality Control Documents

3.2 Space Summary

3.2.1      Update Space Summary & Signed Certification

3.2.2      Comparison of Current Design w Final Education Program

3.2.3      DESE Submittal – SEE BINDER VOLUME IV

3.3 Project Approvals

3.4 Cost Estimate

Volume 4

3.2.3     DESE Submittal

3.2.3a        OPM Cover Letter

3.2.3b        School Delivery Methodology Letter (unchanged?)

3.2.3c        Space Summary

3.2.3d        Educational Summary Narrative (unchanged?)

3.2.3e        DESE Floor Plans

3.2.3f         Adjacency Table