Why Rebuild?

AHS humanities

The educational program at Arlington High School remains one of the top in the state. However, the school’s facilities are in need of repair and need to be improved in order to be able to deliver a 21st century education.

The original building (now Fusco House) was built in 1914. Major additions were last done in 1960 and 1981. There has never been a major, top-down whole school renovation. At this point, many crucial systems and building components are at or beyond their expected service life (Source:  OnSight Insight Report, 2013).

In addition, in 2013, NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) placed the High School on ‘Warning’ status for school accreditation, citing inadequate classrooms, science labs, and technology infrastructure, which affect the overall learning environment for the students.

  1.   Original building, now Fusco House. (Built 1914, some renovation in 1981.)
  2.   Main Office. (Built 1938, some renovation in 1981.)
  3.   Collomb House. (Built 1938, some renovation in 1981.)
  4.   Lowe Auditorium. (Built 1960, some renovation in 1981.)
  5.   Downs House. (Built 1964. No significant renovation since.)
  6.   Links Building. (Built 1981. Never renovated.)
  7.  Offices and cafeteria. (Built 1960’s. Never renovated.)
  8.  Blue Gym and locker rooms. (Built 1960, renovated in 1981.)
  9.  Red Gym. (Built 1981. Never renovated.)