Design Concept

The AHS Building Committee has selected an all new construction design concept for the future high school. Read more about why the layout and exterior design concepts were chosen.

The chosen design concept:

  • Represents the current traditional/historical look of the current building
  • Preserves part of the front green, retaining an open area for students and community.
  • Features an organized layout with a central “Main Street” axis that includes the cafeteria, library learning commons, and central gathering hub of the school.
  • Offers four wings 1) Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) 2) performing arts 3) humanities and 4) gymnasium.
  • Includes publicly accessible community resources (auditorium in front wing, gymnasium in rear wing).
  • Provides distinct entrances to preschool and district administration offices in a rear three-story wing.
  • Increases space to the rear of the building for parking, circulation, and improved connections between the school and the existing play fields.
  • Presents outdoor learning opportunities between wings for performances and educational purposes, as well as for lunches, meetings and social gatherings.

Current concept diagrams are preliminary are being further refined during the Schematic Design phase (Sept. 2018 – April 2019). (click on image to enlarge)

 .  .  .




The preliminary estimated cost for the new school is $308M, based solely on square footage.

Construction Timeline & Student Impact

Preliminary construction estimates predict phased construction could start in Spring 2020 with occupancy of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) and Performing Arts wings in January 2022 and complete occupancy by September 2024. Minimal disruption to students during construction is a high priority of the project. This schedule is subject to change during the next phase of the project when the Construction Manager has been hired.


How was the decision made?

The Building Committee considered numerous factors when deliberating which design concept to select, including community input, design’s effect on educational program, construction length and impact on students, changes to open space and project cost. This was a very difficult decision and the committee carefully weighed the pros and cons of each design concept.

Ultimately, the Building Committee chose Option 3. As a brand-new building that will provide increased flexibility and sustainability features, it was seen as the best option, balancing educational plan delivery and community desires. By building new wings first, it minimizes student impact but still allows for retention of some of the front green, and all at a lower cost and lower risk than options that retained the original Fusco or Collomb buildings.

Next Steps – Attend a Community Forum!

During the Schematic Design phase (September 2018 – ~April 2019), the actual look and design of the building will be determined. The Building Committee and HMFH Architects will host community forums to gather feedback as features of the new building take shape. You are cordially invited to attend a forum and provide your feedback and ask questions.