Project pest control plan


The project team has proactively hired a 3rd party pest consultant Modern Pest to manage pest control related to the AHS construction project on both the AHS site and in abutting neighborhoods. Prior to construction, a baseline was established by the pest consultant so that any changes in pest activity could be identified.

The Building Committee proactively requested that pest control be done without the use of rodenticides, because of concerns about raptor and predator poisoning. As a result, secured, non-toxic, pet and child-proof snap traps will be used.

The AHS site currently has traps installed along the entire perimeter of the site. These traps were implemented on May 6th, 2020, and are monitored frequently.

If an adjacent to the project abutter notices a new pest or rodent issue on their property that they believe is related to the construction project, they can either email or call Skanska’s Site Representative Hal Raymond at 617-352-8593. The pest consultant will then review the concern and may install and monitor snap-traps as appropriate.

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