Preliminary Design Program (PDP)

Arlington submitted the Preliminary Design Program to the Mass. School Building Authority (MSBA) on April 15, 2018.

The PDP is provided in two volumes due to large file size.  Some documents have security-related information redacted. Note: for convenience, some segments are provided as individual files.

Volume I (includes the following components)

Owner’s Project Manager’s Cover Letter

3.1.1 Introduction
3.1.2 Educational Program
3.1.3 Initial Space Summary
3.1.4 Evaluation of Existing Conditions
3.1.5 Site Development Requirements
3.1.6 Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives
3.1.7 Local Actions and Approvals


A. Statement of Interest
B. MSBA Board Action Letter
C. Executed Design Enrollment Certification
D. Capital Budget Statement
E. Project Directory
F. Updated Project Schedule
G. Educational Visioning Report
H. Educational Program
I. Initial Space Summary
J. Adjacency Diagram
K. Existing Conditions Floor Plans
L. Legal Title of Property
M. Project Notification Form
N. Evaluation of Existing Conditions

Volume II (includes the following components)

O. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report
P. Phase II Site Investigation – Vapor Intrusion Pathway
Q. Hazardous Material Identification Study
R. Existing Non-Conforming Spaces
S. Existing Site Plan and Site Use Diagrams
T. Existing Building Construction by Date Diagram
U. Renovation Only Floor Plans
V. Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives
W. Other Potential Sites (Map of Alternate Sites, Alternate Site Analysis (with massing blocks), Alternate Site Analysis Matrix)
X. Selected Alternatives
Y. Comparative Cost Analysis
Z. Local Actions and Approval Letters and Minutes