Preferred Schematic Report (PSR)

Arlington submitted the Preferred Schematic Report to the Mass. School Building Authority (MSBA) on July 1, 2018.  This document is currently in draft form and under review by the MSBA.

The PSR is provided in three volumes due to large file size.  Some documents have security-related information redacted. Note: for convenience, some segments are provided as individual files.

Volume I (includes the following components)


3.3.1 Introduction
3.3.2 Evaluation of Existing Conditions
3.3.3 Evaluation of Alternatives
3.3.4 Preferred Solution
3.3.5 Local Actions and Approvals


A. PDP MSBA Review Comments and District Response
B. Site Survey
C. GeoTechnical Report
D. Massachusetts Historic Commission Response Letter
E. Conceptual Drawings

Alternative 2: Renovations and Additions
Alternative 5B : Renovations and Additions
Alternative 6A: New Construction
Alternative 7: New Construction

Volume II (includes the following components)

F. Structural Outline
G. Civil Narrative
H. MEP/FP and Technology/AV/Security Narratives
I. Construction Cost Estimates

Base Repair
Renovation Only
Addition+Renovation and New Construction

J. Design and Construction Schedules
K. Summary of Preliminary Design Pricing
L. Evaluation Matrices

Town Forum Survey – April
Town Forum Survey – June
Guiding Principles Evaluation Chart and Graphic
Sustainability Evaluation
AHSBC Pros and Cons

Volume III (includes the following components)

M. Updated Educational Program
N. Preferred Solution Space Summary
O. ‘Other’ Proposed Program Space Narrative
P. Sustainability Documents

LEED Scorecard
Signed Letter

Q. Preferred Solution Floor Plans, Sections, and Models (and construction timeline)
R. Preferred Solution Site Plan
S. Preferred Solution Budget Statement
T. Updated Project Schedule
U. Local Actions and Approvals