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Phase 2 construction of the new high school began in February 2022, immediately after the opening of the new Performing Arts and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) wings, and is anticipated to be complete September 2023. View construction progress photos and videos.

During the next phase of construction, the following parts of the new school will be built:

Educational Space Description                                                                                  Design Rendering                                                                                                                                   
Central Spine The central core of the building from which the academic (STEAM and Humanities wings), athletic, and performing arts wings emanate.
Library Centrally located within the central spine and adjacent to the STEAM and Humanities wings, the library is envisioned as the heart of the school, and will provide a flexible and inclusive space for academics.
Humanities Wing 44 850 – 950 sf classrooms for World Language, English Language Arts, History and Social Studies.

2 1,200 sf FACS (Family and Consumer Science) classrooms

Forum Stairs Connecting the central spine, cafeteria and field entry of the school, the forum stairs will provide a gathering and collaboration space for students and staff at all times of day.
Cafeteria Adjacent to the forum stairs and learning courtyard with seating for ~600 students.
Learning Courtyard An outdoor classroom, gathering and breakout space for students. The courtyard will also feature an Envirogarden designed for gardening, engineering, and biology experiments. 
Lifeskills Cafe The school store and cafe provide hands-on learning activities for students (work transition, career readiness, and FACS).
District Administration Offices Offices for district administration and Arlington Community Education as well as the School Committee meeting room.
Menotomy Preschool The Town’s inclusion-based preschool will have a separate and secure entry, age-appropriate interior and exterior playspace.

Project timeline

Since the new school is being built on the same site as the old school, the complex project encompasses four phases of construction, with completion of the entire project in 2025.

Phase Construction Where do students attend school? When?
1 STEAM & Performing Arts wings Old high school Completed February 2022
2 Humanities wing, Central Spine, Cafeteria, Library, Preschool, District offices In new STEAM & Performing Arts wings and part of old high school February 2022 to September 2023
3 Athletics wing In new school plus Red gym September 2023 to August 2024
4 Finish athletic fields and site work In new school August 2024 to April 2025

Demolition of part of the old school is anticipated to take place from March to June, with structural steel erection continuing into the fall, and the newly constructed Phase 2 buildings expected to open September 2023. View the Consigli Construction sequence video for more details.

This phase of the project will be one of the more intense segments and the AHS Building Committee appreciates the community’s patience as new traffic patterns and other related changes occur around the site. The weekly Construction Updates provide detailed updates regarding activity on the site as well as progress photos.


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